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Because not all real estate agents are REALTORS®, I choose to differentiate myself, set higher expectations and provide my clientele with the best experience possible in a real estate transaction. I pursue professionalism in being an industry leader and strive to continually outperform others with better tools, professional designations, a broader knowledge base and deeper pool of experiences to draw upon. The annual cost of professionalism, of being a REALTOR®, is minimal when compared to its impact on my business and my industry. I am a REALTOR® who:
• is a voice in Washington, D.C. on behalf of all home owners;
• uses Association approved, Georgia specific legal contracts that let you rest easy at night, knowing your transaction is in complete compliance;
• has access to market specific forums and a national resource center to draw upon in the sale or search of your home; and,
• has access to advanced education on current tools, industry certifications and the latest trends.

If a licensed agent can’t or won’t invest in themselves each year, what makes you believe they would invest the resources necessary to properly market your home?
With approximately 50% of the active real estate licensees in Georgia electing to become REALTORS®, homebuyers and sellers need to interview prospective agents and ask the question, “Are you a REALTOR®?”

I have dedicated myself each and every year to serving my clients with the utmost of integrity, amazing marketing and always electing to keep my REALTOR® status. It is most important to me to protect my clients in their real estate transactions and it starts with my REALTOR® designation.

If you’re interested in buy or selling a home or just discuss real estate in general, contact me today. I’m always available at (770) 790-1020.