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Integrity is something that is not overrated and is so important when we find it in others. David Landsman is the most dependable human being you will ever have the pleasure of knowing and doing business with, he not only shows up when expected but he shows up on time and with all your questions, needs, and concerns addressed with knowledge, professionalism, and complete sincerity. I have never had someone take such great consideration and care into my future home. David's goal was not only to find me a great home but he demonstrated that he wanted to find me a happy home. No one is a greater realtor than Mr. Landsman, he is so personable and an expert in his field as well as a stellar guy. I was beyond blessed to have found him, our family ended up with a beautiful home thanks to David.

by Laurie J. & Lelio E. Home Buyer

David was very knowledgeable and respectful of my wants and needs and put up with a lot of my stress. He's also very funny. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor.

by kochbarbara3 Home Buyer

My fiancé and I started looking at homes through Zillow and all of the home buying apps out there. We worked with a couple of relators but they all seemed to lack something that David has, enthusiasm for customer service and pairing people with the right home. He was incredibly helpful in our home buying experience, he is very easy to get along with, he is approachable, and he is always available when I need something. When I say always available I mean it. The first time we heard from him my fiancé and I were up very late, well after business hours, looking through the home buying apps, inputting interest on the little contact pop ups and David contacted us through email to follow up on a listing. Before we knew it were setting up tours. No matter what time or day David was/is always available. No matter what kind of question he always has an answer or helped figure it out. Another helpful tip about David is he has a lot of experience flipping homes and working on homes so he is very insightful on what to look for. He will even help you paint a picture of what you can do to fit your lifestyle in the house to help you feel if it is right for you. We found a lot of homes that we loved but at the end of the day if you don’t envision what it will be like having family over, growing your family, or where to brew your beer (or whatever hobby you have) then you could potentially miss out on a perfect home. David doesn’t get offended if you don’t like something, he doesn’t pressure you to buy something even if there are cash incentives, he truly is there for his customers and I highly recommend him. Life is much much easier with David as your real estate agent.

by Hovan's Home Buyer

On a whim, I found David while searching for local agents on Google. Being new to the home buying process, I was completely clueless as to what I needed to do in order to buy a home and rid myself of the seemingly endless pains of apartment living. I emailed David upon finding him, and much to my pleasant surprise, he emailed back almost immediately saying he would be glad to help me through the home buying process. Throughout the entire home searching and contract phase, David was incredibly thorough, responsive, and put my worries at rest. I can’t say enough of how thankful I am that I was able to work with David - he’s a great real estate agent, and an equally amazing person. Should you decide to use David, it will change your (likely skewed view) of real estate agents - in fact, you will probably never have to not want to use another agent again. I’m very happy to say David helped me buy my first home and it was as seamless and stress-free a process as I ever could have wished for.

by Caleb Home Buyer