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Your Home Sold Guaranteed – Or We’ll Buy It!

Your Home Sold Guaranteed – Or We’ll Buy It!

How We Sell Your Home

One of the biggest dilemmas when selling a home is deciding whether to hire a real estate agent or try to sell it yourself. Hiring the wrong real estate agent is risky because your home could end up sitting on the market for a long time without an acceptable offer or you could be forced to sell and compromise your bottom line. You could even end up owning two homes or none at all! Well, our Guaranteed Sale Program solves this dilemma.

How does this help you?

This means that when you see a home that you like, you can immediately place an offer on it. Also, if you’re not completely satisfied with our customer service or marketing efforts, then you can cancel the listing and pay nothing if we don’t fix the issue at hand within 24 hours.

What’s my home worth?

Interested in a free over-the-net-price evaluation? Want to know what your Guaranteed Price would be today? Fill out the brief questionnaire above, including as much info about your home as possible. We’ll get back to you shortly with an evaluation! We compare your home to the thousands of others homes on the market so we can get you most accurate picture of your home selling price.

How does it work?

After we evaluate your home, we’ll see a Guaranteed SOLD price. We’ll have 90 days to sell it above that price, and if it doesn’t work out, we buy the home from you! Consider the Guaranteed Sale program as our way of giving you a fail-safe selling plan, so you don’t have to stress about buying your next home.

Guaranteed Sold is our proven way of providing the best in customer service to those who need to sell for top dollar, and fast. We’ve helped out with relocations, impromptu moves, and much more!

What’s our trick to guaranteeing a sale? A strong, tried-and-true marketing plan.

Discover the Difference

What better way to sell your home than with award winning experts. We’ve made selling Georgia homes our top priority, and we’re committed to making yours sell quickly.

Offering a Guaranteed Sold program is our way of showing our loyal clients that they can trust in our marketing skills. We’re willing to take away the risk, so you can sell stress-free. Learn about our recent achievements and see how we can help make the difference in your real estate journey.

Our Marketing Plan

The cornerstone to our Guaranteed Sold program’s success is the top tier marketing that our team brings to the table. Everything from the right price to internet marketing plays a role in how we get an offer in front of our sellers.

Getting the right exposure for your home means targeting interested buyers, through online campaigns, real estate publications, and a nationwide network of real estate pros. We’ll give you the edge!

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