Looking for some new ways to leverage the power of social media marketing? Check out these 12 unique ways you can use social media marketing to obtain more leads, gain more followers, and build a stronger web presence.

For more information on any of the ideas below, leave a comment and we will be happy to elaborate!


  • If you have a Facebook page, use it to host a Facebook Contest. Specifically, try running a local sweepstakes and offer something like concert tickets or a dinner for two to the winner. The point of this is to get more locals liking/following your page and engaged in your content.
  • Hosting an open house? Use SlideShare as a way to invite your followers to the event. Create the cover slide as the invitation to the event. Then, include pictures that highlights the property into the slideshow. This would be a great way to showcase the properties that you are listing but not clutter your “Photos” space with property pictures.


  • Team up with a local business in your neighborhood to do a twitter-only special. For instance, tweet “For 10% off at @Wishboutique, stay tuned for the discount code which I will share with you at 5pm today!.” This is a great way to promote local businesses, get involved in your community, gain re-tweets, and earn new followers.
  • Use Twitter as a contact system. Place your Twitter Username on your promotional marketing material and encourage people to ask you questions or contact you using the @ function on Twitter. This could be an incredible way to connect with Millennial leads and answer questions on the fly.


  • Take a video of a listing that you are representing. Place something like a business card in a remote, but visible place in one shot of the video. Ask your viewers if they can find the object and make sure that comments are turned off so the answer can’t be revealed. This is a great way to get viewers engaged in your listing video.
  • Create a channel and name it something like “100 ways to fall in love with (Insert city name).” Take videos of you partaking in activities around your city like a community event, an outdoor activity,ect. Then, conclude every video with a saying like “I know why you would want to live here. Let me help you find the perfect home,” followed with your contact information.


  • Turn Instagram into a treasure hunt. The next time you are hosting an open house, tell your followers “Follow this weeks photos to my next open house.” Throughout the week strategically take pictures of the neighborhood, street signs, ect. to provide clues to your followers about the location of the open house. The first person to find the open house via Instagram could win a giveaway. (Safety first with a tactic like this.)
  • Instagram allows for a 15 second video, so find a client who would feel comfortable leaving you a review in 15 second or less. Ask them something like “In 15 seconds describe what you enjoyed most about your experience.” This would be a great way to be unique and have a little fun with your clients at the closing table.


  • Take and edit pictures of your city via Instagram and upload them to Pinterest. For best practice, make the photos look distinctively yours and include a level of branding. Upload them to Pinterest under a board which is related to your city. This is useful for contributing to content that potential leads might be looking for, especially out of state leads.
  • Use Pinterest as a tool for connecting with your current buyers. Create a board and title it “Mr./Mrs. (clients last name).” Send your clients an invite to “Collaborate” on the board with you. Tell them to pin pictures of what they are looking for in their next home. Not only will your clients love this, but essentially every time they pin to your board they are marketing for you. Once you have found your clients their new home, take a picture of them next to their new house. Add the photo to the board and say something like “Another closed deal” while including your contact information and link to your website. (Be sure to always ask your clients to inform you while they are pinning so you can edit the text in theirs pins while also managing your brand.)


  • Use LinkedIn to connect with local Mortgage or Title professionals in your area who would be interested in hosting an event with you. Also, you could connect with inspectors, cleaning companies, lawn services, ect. Host a themed event in your community center and invite surrounding neighbors making it a valuable event for both the attendees and the vendors.
  • Start a group in which you are the industry/neighborhood expert. Use the advance search tool to search for locals who live within or around the area, and invite them to your group. Spark a conversations about the neighborhood, community events, ideas, ect. to get your name flowing throughout the community and to show others that you are their local real estate expert.